Dining Stools, A Designing Trend

Stools and in general dining stools are experiencing a revival. They tend to become a major trend in contemporary interior design. Why? The explanation is simple. Dining stools are functional and stylish. They can easily be hidden under the dining tables, out of your way.

They come in a wide range of styles and varieties such as industrial, sleek, earthy or sleek. They can be used without problems as side and even as coffee tables. No longer are stools something obsolete that belongs to times long gone. They are beautifully designed with a beautifully look integrating seamlessly into a contemporary or modern interior design. More than that, they are practical and easy to handle.

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A wide range of today’s most popular dining stools are industrial style, being an interesting mixture of metal and wood. Others are shiny and chic. They come in a huge variety of shapes, colors and finishes and can be ordered in silver, white or graphite. Perfect for both your dining room and outdoor “living room”.

Whatever their style or shape, they can be mixed with chairs and benches for a stunning eclectic look. So, a stool is a versatile and charming seating option that can add color, texture and character to your dining room or kitchen countertop design or simply offering a place to sit.

However, choosing a dining stool that fits your space and design can be difficult task, so you should check out several tips before buying.

What is the right height for stools?
You must to pay close attention to the area height you’ll be sitting at. After all you don’t want a stool that has you cramming your legs under the dining table. You need at least 9 to 13 inches between the countertop bottom and the top of the stool seat.

What style of stool is best for my dining room?
The best thing is having a look around your dining room and only after that to decide what kind of stools you need. They should blend harmoniously in with the style, materials and colors already present.

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