Fireplace Ideas for Cozy and Chic Living Rooms

Living rooms with fireplaces

No matter the style of your living room, a fireplace will always create a charming and mysterious atmosphere, increasing the warmth and comfort and relaxing your senses.

Today fireplaces come in a huge selection from modern to classic and traditional look. So, it is almost impossible not to find the right one for your own living room.

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You will discover here more than fifty amazing designer ideas for living rooms with fireplaces.

Wood burning fireplace or gas burning fireplace?

Which one is the best?

Not easy questions. Everything depends on your lifestyle, your living space architectural style, the interior design style, and of course, your preferences.

However, there are several other factors that can be taken into consideration. For example, the gas fireplace saves more space and it is simpler and easier to use and maintain compared to a wood burning fireplace. Another important advantage is that you don’t have to provide a space for wood storage.

On the other hand, a traditional, classic wood burning fireplace creates a cozy and warm atmosphere in your home interior.

You can find numerous creative design ideas for living rooms with fireplaces online or in interior design magazines. They are fit for every kind of design style from rustic and traditional to modern and contemporary.

How I have already told you, the offer is practically endless and depends on personal preferences.

A beautiful fireplace can highlight your home interior and become the focal point of the overall dΓ©cor.

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Here, you will discover a large selection of living room design ideas featuring a fireplace, woodburning or gas burning fireplaces. You will also see that no matter the style of the living room, a beautiful fireplace always complements the overall look of the home interior. Thank You!

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