Dramatic living room designs that make a moody statement

Walls in dark colors attract attention and bring a dramatic look to the décor

Yes, indeed! Living room walls in dark colors attract the eye attention and give a dramatic look to the overall living room décor.

They also turn the living room into a super cozy home interior. Not to mention that a living room with dark color walls will always appear stylish and elegant.

I know that: it takes courage to paint your living room in a dark color, but the overall result can be fabulous. It will make the décor exciting and mysterious, and it is relaxing, peaceful, and calming to stay inside.

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Beautiful Living Rooms, #8: Dramatic Designs that Make a Moody Statement(video)

You will see there that dark color walls make the living room décor really pop.

A living room with dark walls will add coziness and warmth.

It is true that black or dark living room walls are quite tough for the interior, but they certainly can transform and highlight the decorative elements colors and the shapes in the room. The living room décor will appear more glowing, more stylish, and eye-catching.

A living room with dark walls will add more coziness and warmth than light color walls can.

Tip: Think to many and different textures against a dark color. The smart combination of various textiles and surfaces against a glamorous dark background will take the breath away. And don’t forget to freshen-up the décor with indoor plants and flowers. With fresh flowers and plenty of light dark walls appear delicate, made from velvet.

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