How to Plan and Organize a Yard or Garage Sale

In every household over time, builds up a considerable amount of things that have no more utility for you. Kitchen tools, gardening tools, old sports equipment, old furniture, clothes, toys, in a word, old stuff. And all this stuff clutter your garage, attic or basement.

I do not think that it is someone who does not want to get rid of this stuff that has no value for him. In addition, you can make some money selling these things useless for you but maybe, useful for someone else.

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Tips for Organizing Yard or Garage Sales

1. Clean Out the Clutter

Clean out the clutter from your garage, attic, basement, closets, children’s rooms, etc.

All this stuff may include items that you do not want or need and also, it is not sellable, such us broken or damaged items. These items should be included in the trash.

Keep the other ones. Think about the uses someone else can get out of this stuff.  Therefore, consider the financial benefits of selling your old stuff at a yard sale. Plan and organize a yard sale and turn those unwanted and useless things into cash.

2. Setting a Date

Obviously, you cannot set a date in the winter or too early in the spring. However, you have to consider the weather. It can be unpredictable ruining all your plans. Think about it. Nobody will come in a rainy and cold day to buy your stuff.

It is the best to set a date for the summer months when even the mornings are warm and the days are long.

Weekends are the best, especially on a Saturday morning.

TIP 1: Choose a Saturday morning at the beginning of the month. Generally, most of the people have just received their paychecks and of course, they are more likely to spend.
TIP 2: Do not set a date on a holiday weekend. Most people are out of town and the possibility of having a successful yard sale will decrease considerably.

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3. Yard Sale Location

Location is extremely important for a successful yard sale.

If you live on a main street or in other good location then you are fortunate. It is relatively easy to have a considerable number of potential customers.

The problem arises if you live in a remote location or on a less frequented street, without sidewalks or with no parking for customers. It makes no sense to organize a yard sale. There is only, wasted time for you.

Think of another alternative. Ask a colleague, friend or relative if it allows you to organize the sale in their yard. It is the best if you can organize a yard sale together. A multi family garage or yard sale works great. The customers have more items to choose from. In plus you can share the advertising cost with the other families.

4. Advertise Your Yard Sale

Advertising is essential for a good turnout.

There are several ways to advertise your sale:
– Local Newspapers – little or even no cost; your ad should appear a few days before the sale
– Large newspapers – more expensive ad costs but you might get more customers for your sale
– Community Bulletin Board – Banks, Grocery Stores,  Laundromats, etc
– Big Signs on poles – the most common way of advertising of a yard sale; Do not forget to include the date and the address of your yard sale.

5. Backup Plan

It is a good idea to have a backup plan just in case it will be a cold rainy day.

Perhaps you have an available garage or a tent, where you can quickly move your stuff.

However, do not forget to mention this in your add. Your potential clients should know that they could look through your stuff, even if it is a rainy day.

6. Organizing the Sale

Sales organization is another important factor in the success of your yard sale.

Place your items on types and categories. Do not throw them all into a single pile.

TIP 1: Arrange them by categories such as baby cloths, kitchen tools, electronics, clothing, furniture pieces, etc.
TIP 2: When you are selling clothing (baby cloths, adult cloths), put them on hangers and then, hang them between two poles or two trees.
TIP 3: It is much better to expose your items on the tables than on the ground.
TIP 4: However, you can place the larger things on the grass or along a fence.
TIP 5: Make sure it is enough room around your stuff for people to get easily access.
TIP 6: Make sure you have enough cardboard boxes and plastic bags for your customers. Do not forget old newspapers to wrap the fragile items.
TIP 7: Make sure you have a playground for kids to play while their parents shop.
TIP 8: Make sure you have plenty of cold water or cold drinks for sale especially if it is a hot summer day.
TIP 9: Be polite and engage in conversation with the people. However, do not harass them. Perhaps one of them prefer a quite time while browsing.