Add Indoor Plants to the Living Room Décor to Spruce Up the Space

Indoor plants add charm to the overall décor.

Exotic indoor plants contribute to your home interior, no matter if it is a living room, dining room, or bedroom, making it cozier, purifying at the same time, the air in the living space. And what is more exciting! It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced gardener or just an amateur, starting out with growing plants – there is a suitable houseplant for everyone.

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You will see here, almost fifty creative decorating ideas with indoor plants for your living room.

Houseplants – décor elements and healthy accessories

Houseplants offer a more pleasant atmosphere in the home interior, and they also give us with the missing contact link with living nature in our home interior. Depending on the room character (living room, bedroom, dining room, entrance way, etc.) and its access to natural light, you can choose the varieties that will best suit the given environment conditions.

Indoor plants have different requirements for light, temperature, and humidity.

Houseplants are different. They have also different requirements for light, ambient temperature, and air humidity. At the same time, each home interior offers slightly different ambient conditions. Nevertheless, the requirements for daily light play an essential role in the proper placement of specie of plant. Ones of the prefer south and south-east facing windows which receive sunlight for most of the day. Others prefer west-facing and north-facing windows for a few hours of light. Also, the intensity of natural light depends on the season and of course, the geographical location of your home.

Rooms, like bathrooms and kitchens, have a higher degree of humidity. They are perfect for tropical species that thrive in this environment.

In your home, you will also find shaded and darker rooms, like hallways, bathrooms with or without windows, entrance hallways and sometimes living spaces with north-facing windows. You can also poorly lit corners further into the room interior, and thus too far from the light of the windows. Fortunately, many plants such as palm trees and other types of plants from tropical rainforests prefer indirect sunlight, therefore these poor light conditions correspond to the conditions in their natural environment.

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