Edge Finishes with Duralmond

“Duralmond” is one of the few materials that can be processed to take any form or texture, offering a unique setting for walls, curved surfaces or cornices. This name comes from joining the prefix “Dur” with the word “almond“.

An Inovative Construction Material

Spain is the origin country of this incredible new construction material. Duralmond is a revolutionary composite material made from natural and synthetic resins mixed with crushed almond shells, obtained by a modern technology (polymerization process).

The mixture is poured into a mold and processed in the furnace, thus obtaining the final product that can be processed in a myriad of shapes and colors. Biodegradable, recyclable, lightweight, great acoustics, moisture resistant, flame retardant, this material has revolutionized the interior design industry offering new possibilities for finishing, more environmentally friendly.

Is an effective, smart and great alternative to wood and not only. Yes indeed, Duralmond is a truly environmentally friendly product, as it does not require cutting the trees due to the fact it can mimic any finish, including color and texture of wood. So, it is not surprising that environmentalists consider Duralmond the material of future, which can save trees from cutting and therefore will lead to exploitation of forests.

Duralmond can be successfully used in the creation of interior decoration, interior walls, partitions with floral designs, and also such as façade exterior finishes. In addition, this material can be used to special designs and perfect imitations of natural stone.

This incredible product was a surprise for all the interior designers. It is extremely malleable due to the fact is made of two malleable materials: synthetic and natural resins and crushed almond shells. Duralmond can take virtually any form, covering perfectly any construction element.

Professional interior designers managed much easier to recreate classic décor with special architectural elements characteristic of Art Nouveau, Art Deco or Rococo. And if we find minimalism modern design and trends in the recent years as geometric shapes and floral motifs, this material was perfect. Another advantage of the product is that it can be obtained in a wide range of colors and more than that it can be used in the most advanced design and architecture projects.

From Duralmond are manufactured different design modules, which form interested and complicated space elements for the ceiling and walls. These different elements that are extremely easy to use and painted as required, offer the huge advantage of easy and fast installation with a classic tongue-and-groove system. They offer a natural reproduction of  natural elements such as stone, leather and wood looks.

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