The newest housing tendencies and trends

Interior design industry is constant evolving.

Modern and contemporary interior design industry is in constant progress, as new home tendencies and trends are constantly occurring. That’s why we try keeping you updated on the new trends, so feel free to add them to your own home interior design.

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Let’s see the new tendencies in interior design and home interior decorating:

Cozy, natural and unique.

These main factors describe recent trends in interior design. There is a primary focus on everyone personality and individualization. Generally speaking, in the last decade, the green trend is on the rise. In other words, natural materials, earthy colors, and plenty of houseplants are excessively used.

Carpets and rugs revival.

In line with the green trend, rugs and carpets have once again, made an presence in modern home interior design. After all, not for good reason. Carpets helps to complete any interior design no matter the style. They also give the living space a personal and cozy look. The carpet use in the modern interior design is also increasingly inspired by other countries, such middle east countries. This trend is mainly characterized by warm, interesting color combinations and especially raw materials, where many design ideas from over the world is brought into a modern and contemporary context.

No more white walls.

Not only the floors are decorated with nice carpets. The sad, boring white, beige walls are increasingly become a thing of the past. Our home interior walls should be decorated in a large color palette and not only. Paint, wallpaper, mirrors, posters, and decorations. A completely new era just came.

Furnish and decorate your home with designer furniture.

A new furnishing trend also is present in our lives. So, furnish and decorate your living space with aesthetically and stylish designer furniture. Also bring interesting design and art elements into your home with distinctive beautiful table and floor standing lamps.

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