How to Prepare a Friendly Decor for Your Pet

For most pet owners, cats, dogs and other furry or feathered friends are part of their family, of their home. These animals run loose in the house and are happy in this space.

However, it’s no secret that these dumb friends are generating real mess and clutter.

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There are, fortunately, some ways of maintaining a home, where people live with their pets, as clean and attractive as possible.

Cover as much as possible your furniture and stuff with comfortable materials for your pet companion. Fabrics that are not so friendly with your little friends, such as silk or velvet will be exposed as little as possible, or even not used. If for example, your dog get used to climb into bed, it is preferable that it be covered with a material that can be washed easily.
If you own a dog or cat is quite sure that the vacuuming is part of your daily activities. So save your time and increase the efficiency of your work, investing in a quality vacuum cleaner. Cheap models do not have a too great suction power, and you have to double your effort, being forced to clean the carpet again with the brush to remove the pet hair.

It is recommended not to use carpet from wall to wall. Pets tend to occasionally leave stains on the carpet, so you will have to vacuum and wash the carpet frequently to remove odours, and all dirt traces. So if you cannot give up on your carpet, try to use one to cover a smaller area and can be handled with ease.

Keep your pet accessories such as leashes, clothes and other items you frequently use when taking your four-legged friend out on a walk near the entrance door. It is also a good idea to keep a towel that you use to wipe their paws in the same area.
Keep favorite toys and other objects of your pets in decorative baskets, ensuring that they are made of materials that cannot be chewed.
Create a special area where your pet can eat and drink. This can be in a corner of your kitchen, for example, where you can put water and food bowls. However, it is a good idea to decorate the area so that to match the rest of the décor.
If you feel the need to do more than that for your home, you can purchase special furniture that fits with your pet. This may sound exaggerated but there are some homeowners who choose the color of the sofa and accessories in their house, depending on the color of your pet fur. Although the amount of hair left on it is equal to the one left on any other sofa, there are chances that your guests do not notice this.

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