How to Remove Pet Hair from Your Furniture, Carpets and Clothing

We love our pets; they are part of our lives. We enjoy their presence; they bring a smile on our faces when we are sad. The only problem is their hair. Removing dog or cat hair from carpets, clothing or furniture is a major concern for any owner. Lost hair settles everywhere it is unsightly and unhealthy for you and your family.

You need to have in mind four main aspects such as:

a) A reduction of your animals’ malts amount
b) Choosing just the right fabrics for the inside of your home
c) Removing the pet hair from your furniture and carpets
d) Removing the pet hair from your clothes

How to Reduce the Level of Your Pet Malting

Loosing hair is a normal physiological and periodically process for any animal. However, this hair loss can be caused by various other circumstances such as rapid changes of ambient temperature, your pet diet, a rare and irregular brushing of pet hair.

Rapid Changes of Ambient Temperature

These unnatural ambient conditions for an animal can lead to faster growth of hair. Not only, your pet’s hair will grow faster, but will start to grow more often.

Of course, the best solution in this case is not to expose your pet to these rapid temperature changes. For example, if you let your pets to play outside during the cold season months and then you allow them inside where it is warm there is a greatly increased chance of malting.

Maintaining a constant temperature inside your home will reduce the amount of hair lost. Usually, we do not do that. Our tendency is to turn off the thermostat when you are leaving the house and to turn on it to the highest level when we are back. These frequently changes in the ambient temperature will lead to an increase in both, hair gain and loss.

Your Pet Diet

Your pet diet is a commonly factor that can lead to a rapid hair loss. If you notice that, your pet has a tendency to lose hair faster then perhaps it is time to make some changes in its diet.

TIP: Mixing some olive oil in the pets’ food may lead to a reduction in the hair loss.

Brush Your Pet Hair  More Often

Brushing your pet’s hair often contribute to a reduction in the pet malting and in the amount of hair loss. Brushing will remove the hair before being lost.

Bath Periodically Your Pet

Keeping your pet’s hygiene is extremely important for both your health and its health.

But a periodically bathing of your pet can also lead to a reduction in hair loss.

Choosing the Right Fabrics for the Inside of Your Home

Choosing the right fabrics for the inside of your home is another important factor that you have to take in consideration if you own pets.

The most suitable materials for your blankets, cushion and pillow covers, throws, etc. are polyester, nylon, rayon and denim.

The hair will be much easier removed from these kinds of materials, not to mention that these materials not attract easily the lost hair of your pet. It is a smart idea even you to wear clothes made of materials mentioned above.

Do not let your clothes unattended and scattered throughout your home. Keep them inside of your closets or placed in drawers when you are not wearing them.

For the furniture such as sofas, sectionals, ottomans, armchairs the best are leather or suede.

Removing the Pet Hair from Your Furniture and Carpet

It seems a little odd but you can remove quickly your pet hair from the carpet using paint tape. Place a piece of this green tape over the hair that lies on the carpet and you can easily remove it, just pulling it away from your carpet. The hair is stuck to the tape.

You can remove easily the pet hair from the furniture and carpet using a lint roller or a damp sponge.

Vacuum regularly your carpet and fabrics helps a lot and ensures that the hair will not enter inside the material.

Removing the Pet Hair from Your Clothes

You can use the same method, a green paint tape. Just place the tape over the hair and pull it away.

Use more fabric softener during the cycle of washing.

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