Furniture that multiplies the square footage of your home

“Robotic” furniture is the solution for small spaces.

Indeed, the “robotic” furniture is one of the cleverest solutions for a small living space.

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Smart Design Ideas for Under-Stair Spaces (video)

Acrylic Ghost Chairs | Modern and Smart Home Furnishing Ideas (video)

The bed on the apartment loft or a mobile wardrobe that moves and leaves space for the living room. Watch our videos and discover many amazing and surprising pieces of furniture and smart ideas that will multiply the space in your home interior.

Practical solutions for a small living space.

The walls that easily move, the beds float above the workstation, the cupboards have easily opened and closed drawers… It might seem like a science-fiction movie or poltergeist but no, definitely no.

There are the most practical solutions and options to space problems in modern home interiors.

In the last time technology has come to help interior designing industry to overcome the most pressing challenge of these times – the small living spaces.

So, welcome to amazing storage ideas, storage solutions, pull-out tables, etc. As in a free changeable and folding house, you can turn your living room into a comfy bedroom. You can also compact the dressing room and suddenly make a comfortable workstation appear and with the touch of a button. And everything in less than a minute and most importantly in a quiet way. The approach responds to the new contemporary necessities and also to the natural flow of daily life. The home interior is changing its shape and functions. The furniture is entering and leaving the scene as a choreographed routine depending of your requirements.

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