Natural, Eco-Friendly and Cheap Household Cleaning Products

Increasingly more we are more concerned about our environment and it is natural to be so. In recent years, many changes have occurred in our life in terms of environment but perhaps the most important change has occurred in our conception and mentality.

Reducing your carbon footprint is your contribution to the environment protection.

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David Suzuki founder of “David Suzuki Foundation” says the following:

“Simple changes in our everyday lives can help slow climate change — including reducing our energy consumption, choosing to travel sustainably, and being conscious of what we purchase”.

Therefore, the more and more aware you become of the environment, the more you look to ecological products and cleaning products make no exception to this rule.

However, green living is not compulsory to live costly. There are many natural cleaning products in every household.

Let’s see together the top nine household cleaning products:


First you need to know that vinegar is an acid, a little bit stronger than lemon and therefore it can be as antibacterial agent. Soak a clean cloth in a solution of vinegar and water and wipe all your door handles, switch-plates and banisters especially during flu and cold season.

NOTE: Your wet cloth has to be very well wrung out when you are wiping a switch-plate.


As vinegar, citrus fruits are well known for their antibacterial and antimicrobial attributes.
You can use lemon in at least two ways:
• Pour lemon juice or put chunks of lemon into boiling water and use this solution as an efficient anti-bacterial cleaner.
• Wipe a kitchen surface, such as a countertop with hot water and then swipe across with a half of lemon. Wipe your countertop with a dry cloth or a paper towel.
You can use lemon to remove rust but do not forget to rinse all the lemon with a lot of water afterwards.


Bicarbonate of sodium or baking soda is another example of versatile household product.
You can use efficiently baking soda to clean and deodorize your refrigerator, to remove stains or to wash your curtain net.
For your refrigerator you can use a solution of bicarbonate and water. Clean out the refrigerator at least once a week with this solution. Your fridge will be not just spotless but without unpleasant odors.
For stain removal, you can mix baking soda with a little quantity of water until it will become a thick paste. Apply this paste over the spot before washing.
NOTE: It is not suitable for silk or dry clean fabrics.

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We cannot say newspaper is a cleaning product but you can use newspaper for polishing and for cleaning windows.
First, dust your window and then wash it with water. Cut a potato in half and smear all over the surface of the window. Polish it with a piece of newspaper. Your window will be without marks and shiny. Drop your used newspaper into your home compost.


Loose tea is extremely practical when dusting. It was largely used by medical staff in England when it was critical that hospital areas be kept clean and hygienic, but also that dust did not fly all around the patients.
You can also use a cold tea solution to clean metal surfaces and mirrors.


Vodka can be an excellent mild furniture deodorizer. Pour some vodka in a squirt bottle and spray your furnishing.
Spraying with vodka is largely used in many theatres by many wardrobe technicians to deodorize and freshen garments, especially where it is not quite practical to clean and wash such a short time between matinee and afternoon performance, when it is not enough time to launder.


Soap nuts or soap berry are originally from India and Nepal. The most used is “Mukorossi”, which is the large soap nut.
“Saponins” in the soap nutshells is a gentle soap that can wash delicate items.
Soap nuts are a naturally product so is not an allergic or irritant product.
Another benefit of using soap nuts in your laundry is that soap nuts save a lot of water. It is not necessary to run a rinse cycle when you are using soap nuts. Soap nuts make your wardrobe fluffy and soft. You do not need anymore a fabric softener and more than that, all your cloths will smell fresh.


Lavender is a gentle herb with a delightful fragrance. It is used for centuries to make our homes smell fresh and nice.
• – You can put lavender into your bag-less vacuum cleaner. The carpet will have a scent of lavender.
• – Tied in bouquets it can be hung in a corner. It will act as a natural deodorizer.
• – Boil it and set it to simmer. The lavender vapours will spread an enjoyable scent throughout your home.
• – Place a few lavender yarns in a cupboard or in a drawer. Everything will smell fresh.


Beeswax can be used as an excellent furniture polish. It will deter any future dust accumulation and will nourish the wood.