Hallways and Foyers

Not only the main living spaces are the signature of our housing, but also the communication rooms should be functional and beautiful.

Hallways and foyers are the freeways of a busy home and they circulate around the house connecting all the rooms right from the front door to the back. These areas of the home give a first impression of a home’s interior.

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Hallways and foyers will usually see a lot of foot traffic, especially near entrances and exits, and can often get dirty and muddy around these areas. Because of that, foyer floors in particular need to be rugged and hard wearing. Durability and scratch resistance are particularly important in entryways, especially if your entrance is a decorative one.

Hallways and foyers can also make household comings and goings more organized while creating a style statement for the rest of your living space. New updates like wall coverings and improved flooring can change their look.

The foyers are often struggling with a lack of storage space for shoes and coats and they can easily become a cluttered space. It would be the best to have a dressing room, just where to hide unused clothes, but home designers to these areas often forget and so have no choice but to create the necessary storage space in the hall. Maybe some narrow custom manufactured cabinets would help.

Hallway floor surfaces don’t necessarily have to be the same as those used throughout the rest of the house. For example, it is perfectly reasonable to have an exposed wooden floorboard or a tile floor hallway that branches off into carpeted rooms.

It’s widely thought that when people are visiting a house they make up their mind whether they feel comfortable or not in the first eleven seconds. So, even though the front of your house and your hallway may be the areas you take the least notice of they have a real impact when it comes to the welcome it projects.

Your hallway should set the mood for the rest of your home. It is refreshing to be welcomed to a home by an amazing hallway.

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