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Chalet Mountain Décor – Inspirational Ideas

The beautiful mountain landscape, the forests, the lakes, and the entire mountain atmosphere is cozy, serene, peaceful, and inviting. In other words, it is an ideal place for your vacation home or even for your home.

Mountain Home

Yeah. For many of us is just a dream. But, even if you cannot afford a real mountain home, you can still indulge yourself by decorating a part of your living space in mountain cabin style.

After all, a mountain cottage style interior design is warm, cozy, and serene like a natural mountain landscape.

For your inspiration we have selected in our new uploaded video several amazing examples of modern brand-new modern mountain home interiors.

House Tours, #10 – Fabulous Modern Mountain Homes (video)

Mountain Home Characteristics

The most important characteristic element of a mountain cabin is wood.

Wood is omnipresent like a structural element or like furniture and even decorative elements. And why not? Wood is a versatile material. Depending on your taste and preferences, wood can be used everywhere, like a flooring option, for ceiling, walls, and of course, furniture.

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In fact, a mountain lodge is made and decorated entirely from wood. Warm, cozy, and beautiful.

Another characteristic of this design style is that the mountain home decoration is suitable for your entire living space. Even if you are living in an urban, modern, and elegant condominium.

But this style is perfect for old kind of homes, especially the ones with exposed wooden beams.

Just imagine the décor. An exposed wooden beam is an unpretentious wooden decoration. It is a natural decorative element that you can enjoy.

A stone wood-burning fireplace is one of the most common characteristics of a mountain chalet or cabin.

The modern cottage design style is historically inspired by the decoration of the European old mountain houses. Large stone fireplaces were an important part of the home interior due to harsh climate.

So, if you really want a genuine mountain cottage décor you need to think about the installation of a fireplace.

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Ideas for Decorative Accessories

When it comes to decorative accessories use cozy and natural fabrics, wool, fur, stone, and wood decorations.

A beautiful fabric is a nice complement for a wooden décor.

If you like lighter nuances, you can choose beige and white fabrics to transform your living space into a comfortable home.

For those who prefer darker shades it is recommended blankets and area rugs in blue, red, and green.

Large Windows

Usually, cabins and cottages are small buildings. With an entirely wooden décor you need large windows that will bring plenty of natural light inside.

More than that large windows and bay windows contribute to a peaceful and cozy atmosphere.

Here, we are finish our presentation not before recommending you watch our new uploaded YouTube video.

You will be amazed by the beauty of these modern interiors.

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