Enliven An All-Neutral Scheme with Smart Accessorizing

Add Color to Your Life

Have you thought about how much accent color do you need to give life to a background neutral décor?

After all, colors can help you highlight some areas of you living space or make some decorative elements blend in a neutral background color scheme.

And speaking about neutral color palette…

It is well known that a neutral background is almost omnipresent in today contemporary homes.

It creates harmony and balance between the diversity of decorating elements, blending them together.

However, many times you need accent colors to create a unique personal home interior that represents you. And these accent colors come through decorative accessories and modern art such as large modern paintings.

Our New Uploaded Video

For that reason, we have uploaded a new video in our YouTube channel, namely:

Enliven An All-Neutral Scheme with Smart Accessorizing (video)

Here you will discover more than fifty creative and inspiring decorating ideas. You will learn how with the help of decorative accessories such as decorative pillows, large modern paintings, ceramic objects, ottomans, vases, etc., you can give life and personality to an all-neutral background décor.

The Choice of Accent Colors

What is your favorite color?

Which color is the most fit for your home interior?

Generally speaking, bright colors provide attention and energy. Warm colors bring a cozy feeling. Light and cold colors and nuances give a clean and fresh impression. And last but not least dark and dramatic colors give a feeling of elegance and stability.

In other words, there are so many ways to change and improve the look of an all-neutral background home interior.

And do not forget!

Colors Affect Us

Colors affect us mentally and physically. So, you need to be careful with your choice and do not over decorate.

Mix and Match Color Accents with Neutral Background for A New Fresh Home Interior

You will see in our video that harmonious and elegant home interiors has been created using the colors from area rugs, paintings, decorative pillows, and other decorating objects, pulling out tones and nuances to feature them within a general neutral color scheme.

The green shades of indoor plant contribute to the general décor color palette.

You will also discover in many other examples how you can warm up a monotone neutral scheme with the color of natural wood from furniture, flooring, or wall panels.

Using artwork and clever decorating accessories you can quickly update the look of your home interior.

These are just several examples selected here, for your inspiration.

The possibilities e endless.

So, give free rein to your imagination and change the look of your home interior.

Thank you so much for your time.


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