Carpets and rugs create zones in a larger open space

Think of area rugs as visually light barricades

Use area rugs and carpets as invisible, faux walls to separate a larger open space into zones, creating in this way designated conversation areas and facilitating the communication.


There’s a lot you can do when it comes to improve the interior design of your home with subtle, small changes. By adding an area rug or carpet you can define specific zones in an open floor plan. Adding a rug to the living room can really help to visually outline a certain area so that it feels like its own living space.

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Carpets and rugs create zones | Simple Ways to Create a New Home Interior #11 (video)

Several area rugs in the same open space

A challenge when furnishing and decorating an open space can be the need for two area rugs, one for the living room and one for the dining room. Indeed, most people would love to have an area rug under the dining table and another one in front of the living room sofa. Or maybe even three rugs? Maybe you may want an area rug by the piano, or in a reading corner.

But how to choose these rugs?

Do these rugs have to match?

Can you dare to mix materials and colors?


Should they be similar in materials and colors but in different sizes?

Obviously, there are so many answers to these questions. In fact you shouldnโ€™t be afraid to mix different materials, colors, sizes as long d you think they are fit for your home interior.

After all, the area rugs are at some distance apart each from other, even they are in the same open space and more than that the bare floor can act as a smooth transition between them.

Carpets with patterns and carpets in a single color

Can you mix a carpet with a geometric patter with carpets in a single color?

The answer is yes. If you choose a carpet in a single, dominant color, you can suitably choose another carpet with a striking pattern.

Large area rugs and carpets

Most people like to place large area rugs in their living room. In this way, the carpet cover the length of the sofa, framing the whole furniture arrangement and creating a whole dรฉcor unit apart from the rest of the open space. Not to mention that choosing a large area rug means adding more textiles to the room, which create a more warm and cozier living space.

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