How Much Will Cost You, and How to Build a Log House

Imagine a “White Christmas” in a log home. Usually, all log homes, from a single family home to a spacious, luxurious model are beautiful, solid, durable and breathtaking constructions.

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How much will cost you to build a log home?

I think this is one of the most common asked question and unfortunately you cannot have a precise answer. There are so many variables:

1| Do you have the land or do you need to buy it?
2| Do you have electricity to your property?
3| Do you have sewer system or water lines?
4| Do you have your own trees for lumber?
5| Do you need basement space and garage?

There are so many questions that it is almost impossible to give an exact answer. However, let’s say the average cost to build a log house in United States is somewhere between $90.00 and $110.00/ sqf turnkey, but these figures may again vary depending on your future building location.

Turnkey: Turnkey cost is a term and means that the home is constructed to a move-in state. Turnkey cost does not include the cost for land and utilities.

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How to build a log house?

1. Plan carefully everything. Try to learn how much is possible about log building. You need to determine if you have the ability to build your own home or you need professional builder assistance.

Do not forget – Labor cost is almost 40% from the final cost of a log home.

2. When you purchase the land, keep in your mind that log homes generally, require strong foundations. Once again, you should plain carefully every step. You need access to the construction site, space for septic tank and access to utilities (electricity and water).

3. If you want to be your own general contractor don’t forget you have to hire subcontractors (carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc) anyway, so it is a good idea to have your home work done.

Compare two or three company offers. Check for references, pay attention to their offers (cost, time, obtaining of permits).

4. Do you want to save money? Keep your log design simple because fancy angles and corners mean time and of course, money.

5. Very important! Design only your necessary square footage because it is much better to have a small house but with all the amenities than one larger and …

6. Get all permits for your plans and it is good to add some extra time for unfavorable weather.

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