How to Choose the Right Color for Your Living Room Sofa, #2

Infallible tips for choosing the color of the sofa

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Choosing the sofa color for your living room is one of the most important decisions you have to make when decorating your living room.

After all sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture for any living room, no matter the size, shape, or style.

What color do I choose? Or What tone? Light or darker? Patterned or plain? Leather or suede?

First of all, you need to know the color of the sofa will be decisively defined by the furnishing, decoration, and the color palette of the rest of the living room décor.

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How to Choose the Right Color for Your Living Room Sofa, #2 (video)

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After all, it is an important decision, since the sofa can be changed very often.

For your inspiration we have selected these wonderful images and we will give a few tips regarding the choosing of sofa colors.

How I have already said you can find more than eighty amazing designer ideas in two video parts that can suit your living room and your taste.

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The size of the living room matters

How big is your living room?

The color of the sofa will make the space look smaller or on the contrary the space will look brighter and larger.

All depends on the color of the walls and on the color of the sofa.

For that reason, when it comes to decorating of a small living room, it is preferable to choose light colors.

On the other hand, be brave when you are dealing with a large living room space.

Living Room Sofa 8

Is your living room a well-lit space?

This is the second main important thing when it comes to choosing the color of the sofa.

So, is your living room bright or has almost natural light?

You should forget about strong or dark tones for a living room that has little light, such as dark tones of red, blue, or green. A sofa in these tones will look dull.

It is much better to opt for a soft tone.

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