How to Climb an Extension Ladder Safely

Climbing and working safely from an extension ladder depends very much of the way is settled, in fact at what angle is positioned it. Small deviations of angle could make ladder fall over back or vice versa, its bottom could slip back.

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Let’s see some basic techniques:

1. The correct angle. The most important thing is to set the ladder at approx. 75 degrees angle. Before climbing, make sure the ladder is set in the correct position. Extend your arms and touch the rung in front of your chest with palms, and the ladder base with your toes. The ladder is at the correct angle.

2. Level the feet. Check if the ladder feet are level. That is as important as the ladder correct angle. Do not stack any object under one of the feet. The ladder could become unbalanced. A better way to level the feet is to dig a shallow trench under the high-side foot. You can do this with the claw of a hammer.

3. Prevent the ladder feet to slip backward. Another important thing is to prevent ladder feet to slip backward. Put on the ladder shoes, in case you set the ladder on soft ground or fix it with a screwed cleat on deck.

4. Prevent the ladder top to slide or wobble. Prevent top of the ladder to slide or wobble. Use ladder mitts or wrap rugs or old towels instead.

5. Climbing the ladder.  When climbing, make sure you are using hand over hand method. That means, you will never let go one rug prior grabbing another one.

6. Use ladder accessories. There so many ladder accessories you can use such as:

– Rubber or soft plastic mitts
– Ladder stabilizers
– Ladder jacks
– Ladder levelers
– Ladder stand-off

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