How to Cut an Angled Elbow Pipe in the Field

Piping is used for many different applications, including running water, and air to and from certain areas. There are many styles, types and materials of pipe. When a piece of straight pipe needs to make a turn, it can be done with an elbow piece, a fitting. A fitting is a pipe item used for changing direction, branching or attaching in a piping system. There are many different types of fittings and they are produced in all the same sizes and weights (schedules) as the pipe.

5/8" Nominal Size 90° Long Turn Street Elbow

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Like pipe, fittings are fabricated from several different types of material and usually match the material of the pipe to which they are being attached.

So, an elbow is a piping fitting used for changing direction. Cutting odd-angled pipe elbows is no different than cutting regular pipes, just with a slight angle with which to work.

Steps to cut an angled elbow pipe:

1: Measure and mark the elbow at the desired cut location. Chalk an angled line around the pipe.

2: Place the pipe elbow on a flat surface with the side you will be cutting facing up. Secure pipe so it cannot rotate.

3: Place the hacksaw to cover the entire line you want cut. Press the teeth of the hacksaw up firmly against the pipe and gently begin moving it back and forth. Continue until the whole hacksaw goes into the pipe.

4: Use the same motion along the line until the pipe elbow has been cut into two separate pieces.

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