How to design a modern living room according to the shape

Designing a living room according to the shape can be challenging.

Living room design that takes the shape into consideration can be difficult but also beneficial. Here are some thoughts and suggestions:

Think about the room’s center of attention. It might be a TV, a window, a fireplace, or a work of art. Create a warm and inviting ambiance by positioning the furnishings in a circle around it.

Consider the flow of traffic and the available space. You don’t want to obstruct the aisles or make the space feel claustrophobic. To give the room a feeling of spaciousness, leave some space between the furniture and the walls.

Pick a layout based on your interests and needs. Living rooms can be arranged in a variety of ways, including L-shaped, U-shaped, symmetrical, asymmetrical, and diagonally. Try out various choices to determine which suits you the best.

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Arrangement of a rectangular living room.

When quickly put together or when basic interior design principles are disregarded, a long, narrow living room can appear more like a tunnel or a railway carriage. However, it’s interesting to note that, with the proper techniques, this sort of living room might provide more design alternatives than a square living room.

A socializing space and a dining area may be simply created in the rectangular living room by separating them with carpets or by adding a border between the two (you can attach a bench or a bookcase to the sofa).

Identifies the focal point on the right side of one of the lengthy walls.

If you use an L-shaped corner, keep it at least a few centimeters away from the wall rather than right up against it.

Maintain one side of the room as the aisle.

To avoid the space feeling too lengthy, try to arrange some of the furniture perpendicular to the wall.

Arrangement of a square living room.

Avoid packing too much stuff into a square living room. Instead, pick some with attractive lines that don’t take up much room, like some armchair and couch models with straight or no arms.

Place the focal point in a corner and arrange the sofa and armchairs perpendicular to the room’s diagonal.

Build the conversation space around a coffee table in the middle of the room if you don’t want to arrange the furnishings diagonally.

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