Best Small Living Room Design Ideas – Trends and Inspiration, #4

Useful and practical ideas for decorating a small living room

A living room combines many features, and it is used in many ways. Perhaps for this reason it is pretty difficult to furnish and decorate a living room, especially when you are dealing with a small or moderately large living room space.

Small living room design in blue and white

If your living room has a limited space, it can be difficult to place all the furniture. After all, you do not want the space to become cluttered.

We want to help you. In our new uploaded video, we have gathered ones of the best design ideas for a contemporary small living room.

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Best Small Living Room Design Ideas, Trends and Inspiration, #4 (video):

Watch our video and you will discover an image selection in 4K, 60 fps of top small living room design that will inspire you.

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Smart tips and ideas – Choose furniture pieces that fit the walls

To create the effect of a more spacious and larger living room, choose proportional furniture that matches the wall colors. But not the color of the sofa. A sofa that blends into the background of the room does not get much attention and the décor is boring. To keep the living room décor from being boring, choose a contrasting color for the accent wall.

Small living room design in blue and yellow
Smart tips and ideas – Select multifunctional furniture pieces

It is a smart idea to choose furniture that combines several functions at the same time.

Let’s see several examples:

  • Coffee table with storage space
  • Ottoman with storage space
  • Sofa with drawers
  • Sofa-bed with storage space compartment
Let the windows bare – reject the curtains

Large and heavy curtains do not allow full use of the space near the window, so you should renounce of them.

Blinds are more indicated for a small living room.

Choose a single floor in the living room and adjoining rooms

Do not make boundaries between the dining areas, kitchen, and the living room. It is much better to visually create a single space where the open space seems larger,

Anyway, you can zone the space with area rugs, furniture, or wall coverings.

Choose hanging furniture

Try to leave free as much free flooring space as possible. Choose floating shelves and wall mounted shelf systems.

Also, a coffee table and sofa with thin legs let more floor space visible under them creating in this way a visual effect of more free space.

We sincerely hope you like our ideas from this post, and you have also enjoyed the YouTube video.

I hope you will find here inspiration for your table decoration.

Have fun with the makeover of your small living room.

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