How to Hide House Running Pipes that Are on Show

Many times pipes can create an aesthetic problem in your home, no matter what type are they, waste pipes, water pipes, electrical conduit, gas pipes or air conditioning duct-work.

Exposed Water Pipes

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Perhaps you have remodeled and redecorated your home and you are happy and proud of your work.

Everything looks great from basement to the roof, your bathrooms, your kitchen or your conservatory.

Only one thing ruins this perfect overall look namely the running pipes or ducts that are on show.

Fortunately, there are several ways to fix this issue.

Painting Your Pipes

However, before trying to hide them maybe it is not a bad idea to take in consideration showing them up in an aesthetic way, than hiding them.

Painting them is an easy and cheap way to do that. You can use a specific spray paint such as “Rustoleum” or “Krylon”. These spray paints with their very nice metallic finish will look great on your pipes.

However, you need to choose carefully the paint color. In fact, according with many expert designers are two ways to increase the look of your room by painting the pipes.

1. Choosing a paint color that match or it is even similar with the room wall color.
2.Choosing a high contrast paint color; this will bring out the pipes. This contrast effect if it is well chosen will increase the room look. Imagine a silver or chrome finish for your pipes against a nice light green, purple or violet walls.

Paint spray can be used for almost all pipe types. It works great on metal pipes with only one condition. These pipes should not be rusty. If they are rusty, you should first treat them against rust and only, after that you can paint them.

Use Your Inspiration

You can use your inspiration and give your room a unique and interesting look.

Instead of hiding your pipes, on the contrary you can add more false pipes and ducts and give to your room a special, “industrial” look. It will be even better if these pipes are against a brick or a concrete wall.

Bending Copper Pipes with or without Tools (

Hiding Your Pipes

1. Your Pipes Are on the Ceiling:

If the pipes are on the room ceiling you can create a new suspended ceiling or a plastered bulkhead to cover the pipes.

2. Your Pipes Are on Plastered Brick Wall:

–  In this case, there are two ways to conceal your pipes but unfortunately, the both ways are quite costly. They involve a repositioning of the pipes.

a) First alternative is to cut into your plastered wall and reposition the pipes inside the wall. Then the wall can be re-plastered or re-flushed.

b) If your wall is a double skin wall having a cavity inside, you can reposition your pipes inside the cavity creating in this way a service cavity.

– Another smart and cheaper way to hide the running pipes is to create a box. Boxing your pipes, it is also an easy and quickly way. You may consider painting this box to match with the room walls.

– If there are a bunch o pipes that are hard to cover, then you can use a plastic or bamboo hanging roller blind, which can hide the whole wall.