How to Install Drywall

If you have decided to go about the task of installing drywall on your own, then you can be super confident about the fact that the task is not that difficult as it seems to be.

In fact it can be mentioned here that while installing drywall one needs to have ample time at hand and can utilize the help of some of his friends.

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Although drywall usually comes in a width of 4ft but one can cut it out according to one’s needs.

In this article we shall be dealing with the process of installing and then finishing drywall.

Have a look at the following mentioned points that can help you out in this task in a better manner:

The first and foremost step while installing drywall is to know about its required size which also depends on the height of the wall. You will have to measure out the length and width that will be needed for each piece. You now have to use a keyhole saw for the purpose of cutting holes for electric outlets, light receptacles and switches. The location should be measured very accurately and then marked on the drywall. The next step involves the placement of a piece of drywall in the designated location that lies along the wall stud’s length. Make sure that this covers only the half of the width of the wall stud. Take the help of drywall nails and then hammer them down in every seven inches on the complete length on the either side of drywall. You shall have to repeat this step in the middle of the drywall piece. If you do so, the drywall shall be held securely in place. Make sure that this process is executed on each wall.

   Every time you reach the end of a particular wall, make sure that you measure the width of the drywall that will be required to complete the task at hand. This measurement also has to be marked on the wall. You can take the help of a knife for cutting along the marking that you have just made and after having cut along a side, use the drywall to crack along the cut made. The backing can be scored with a knife by turning it over. This also makes it easy to come off. Use nails for securing it in place. All these steps have to be executed for all the walls and ceilings where you wish to install drywall.

  Take the joint compound and stir it till it becomes creamy and smooth. This will help us in the task of finishing the drywall after it has been installed. This particular compound has to be layered down between pieces of drywall by using a knife. However make sure that the drywall tape is placed on the top of the joint compound. This helps in pressing down the compound into place. You also have to use another layer of the joint compound over the drywall tape. This process has to undertaken for the total room and should be allowed to dry off. Use a finishing knife for the purpose of applying the drywall joint compound over the tape. Try smoothing out the sides while you apply the compound.

  After the compound dries off completely, you shall need to sand each of the seams and the drywall nails, which will thereby smooth out the drywall compound. Remember to apply a coat of primer before you set onto paint your walls.

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