How to Prevent Your House Backyard Drainage Problems

Many of us, especially those living in areas with more rainfalls, are faced with wet house backyards. A poor yard drainage will lead to an unusable landscaping with lingering water pools and musty odors. More than that, a poor drainage can causes property damage, which may not be covered by your home insurance.

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Summer is the best time to remedy all drainage issues. Your property will be more enjoyable and it will be protected through the rain seasons, not to mention the fact that its value will increase considerably.

Spring is usually the most appropriate time to get your backyard ready for the hot season but a poor drainage can be a serious concern.

As I have mentioned above, a poor drainage can lead to property damages leaving your home structure at great risk for serious and very costly problems, such as cracking and erosion of concrete foundations, patios, sidewalks, fences and retaining walls.

Imagine water entering a crack or a gap in these structures. It will put an intense pressure on concrete that will cause many unexpected and serious structure problems. Also, there are further side effects of poor drainage such as mildew, moss, rodents and insects.

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1| Make sure your downspouts and gutters work properly and direct the rainwater away from your home foundation.

2| You need to know that any plugged drain can cause an excessive and intense pressure on your home foundation leading to many structural problems. Therefore, make sure that your exterior drains are unplugged and cleaned.

3| It is a good idea to hire a professional home inspector to inspect your house foundation from the interior (basement or crawlspace) and exterior. Wall or foundation cracks and gaps can lead to water entering inside of your home, causing mold a mildew and even structural problems such as unstable foundation.

4| Protect your wood and concrete structures by sealing them with a good and efficient protective coating layer. Repeat this procedure every couple of years.

5| Use your sump pump if you have such a pump. Make sure it works properly and it can handle all your property.

6| Make sure that any slopes of your property direct the runoff water to the drainage system, which can be a ditch or a pipe. However, these slopes require a good construction and also a good maintenance to ensure that all the runoff water will not cause erosion and landslides.

7| Your landscape must be designed in a way that all water have to end up in the street gutter.

8| Improve and maintain all the time your drainage system. Only so, you can keep your property in good conditions and also you can save a lot of money.

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