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A dull patio in a mono-color, maybe it will not depress you, but it certainly will not stand out and will decrease the overall appearance of your home.
If you want to experience a happy and playful style choose colors different from each other. Perhaps you want a more natural or, conversely, more modern decor?
Here are some color combinations that can help you to do that and with which you will discover how important the colors in patio decorating are.

A Modern Patio

If you want a relaxed style in trend with the latest news from design and outdoor living magazines, chosen colors must coexist in perfect harmony with trendy furniture that you furnished your patio. To have the desired effect, you should rely on a combination of chic colors to highlight the modern and stylish furniture.
If you want to point out a catching design, use some neutral or dark tones. However, dare to bet on shades offered by natural materials such as wood or ceramic tile. Pair them with white to create an elegant atmosphere that your patio needs. Give your patio a touch of originality and add a few potted red geraniums.

A Natural Patio

In the absence of a suitable garden, your patio can be a good item with which you and your family can reconnect with nature. So you should take advantage of this and “offer to Caesar what belongs to Caesar”: green!
Specialists in interior design, architects and landscapers recommend however, to associate green with other natural colors such as brown, gray and beige. So combine a patch of green grass with a beige limestone paving or with the brown of oak and beech furniture. You do not forget though, to combine it with small items but very important, which gives this style, personality that your patio needs.

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A Colored Patio

Create a burst of color in your patio decor, an energizing space where you can enjoy every sunny weekend with your family and friends. The color palette used for this type of terrace is vibrant with cheerful and vivid shades, a pleasant view that urge to cheer and joy. So, you can opt for yellow or red chairs, several colored lamps and chairs also in vivid colors.
To get even more out of your furniture color, choose darker shades for other items present on the terraces. So your colorful furniture will be better highlighted.

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