Concrete Floor Coating Types

Today, a concrete floor is not just a plain gray and boring area. You can find a wide range of coating applications, which can satisfy the most complex floor projects. You need only, to find which is the most appropriate floor coating type for you.

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However, before deciding which method to apply, it is a smart idea to know the advantages and disadvantages of each coating application.

As an example, if you want to cover your old gray concrete garage floor or basement floor you can choose between a beautifully decorated concrete overlay and epoxy floor paint. They both are two great options.

Perhaps you prefer to choose a low cost method such concrete sealer or concrete paint. In addition to be low cost, both solutions are easy to apply and might be the most appropriate option for your needs.

If you need to resurface completely your old cracked concrete driveway then polymer-modified overlay is the best solution.

Let’s see in detail several options to get an idea of which concrete floor coating type is the right one for your project.

Painting Concrete Floors

Painting concrete floor or Epoxy floor paint is a great concrete floor coating type for your garage floor or your basement floor.

Surface preparation is critical if you want a good adhesion.

It is a low cost solution and can be applied easily with a simple paint roller.

Painting concrete floors have many advantages such as:

– It is chemical resistant
– It is long lasting
– You can choose from a wide range of colors
– You can add decorative chips for a great, nice look

Concrete Sealer

Concrete sealer is also a low cost solution. It is a basic but efficient solution.

Concrete sealer can be applied as a clear film or can be tinted in your favorite colour.

Concrete sealer requires less surface preparation than epoxy paint. In fact, it requires the least preparation of the concrete surface.

Concrete sealer is great if you want to protect your concrete surface from chemicals and traffic. In addition, concrete sealer enhances the colour of acid stained floor or colored concrete floor.

Concrete Stain

Concrete stain is an inexpensive way to change the look of your old, gray concrete surface. Using acid, you can add colour improving the aesthetic look of your basement or garage floor.

Better than acid stains is water based stains. Water based stains is easier to clean and offer more colour options than acid concrete stains.

Concrete Dye

Concrete dye is in many ways similar with concrete stains. It comes in two versions, solvent based and water based.

The both concrete dye methods offer different color options and combinations.

You can combine concrete dye with concrete stains for a unique better look.

Concrete Overlay

Concrete overlay can refresh and enhance the look of an old concrete surface.

Characteristic of this method is that it can include in its composition some concrete self-leveling components, which can repair and fill uneven floors.

In fact, the main advantage of this concrete type is that it reduces the cost and trouble of removing the old concrete surface and pouring a new concrete surface.

There are many ways of concrete overlay such as:

Polymer Modified Overlays – it can be used to level a worn old concrete surface, and also can be used as  Stamp able Overlay
Sprayable Overlays
Pencil Pattern

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