Scandinavian style balcony – arrangements and ideas

A beautifully decorated balcony.

What a terrific pleasure it might be to unwind on a spot of your own in the fresh air!

Particularly when this area is tastefully designed.

Luckily, balconies stop serving as personal storage spaces for unnecessary items.

More frequently, we set them up so that they are just as meticulously and tastefully integrated into the apartment as the rest of it.

We will set up a balcony today in a Scandinavian way!

Make a place for yourself to rest by looking at our inspirations.

Among the things you will discover from this essay are:

What sets apart a balcony in the Scandinavian design?

How should a balcony be set up in the Scandinavian design?

How should a balcony be set up in the Scandinavian design?

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Scandinavian-style balcony – what makes it stand out?

The Scandinavian or Nordic design style is one of the most popular interior design styles. A favorite design style for many decades. It means cozy and creative design solutions for the home. Nordic design style is loved by almost everyone and is still a huge inspiration for interior designers and homeowners.

So, why not to take Scandinavian inspirations outdoor and arrange your own balcony in the Nordic style?

It’s a great idea, isn’t it?

Green plants, natural materials, (rocks, wood), soft decorative pillows, and at the same time harmony and serenity.

The Scandinavian-style balcony – a simple arrangement.

Do not be worried!

A Scandinavian-style balcony has a simple décor. It is a simple arrangement, simple but beautiful. In fact, the idea here is to combine minimalism with a bit of vintage, retro, classics and adding a touch of your creativity.

Simple but functional and practical. So practical that the attention is paid to every available square inch of space. It is used in a decorative or practical way.

In the Scandinavian style, outdoor furniture is the basis of the décor. Well-thought and well-chosen accessories and decorations will determine the final look of the balcony, patio, or terrace.

And speaking about decorations and accessories … The overall decor is dominated by pillows and area rugs made of course, from natural materials. Wood in its natural shape and colors and it is an omnipresence in the decor. Green plants in beautiful pots are mandatory for a Scandinavian style balcony. And don’t forget the lighting!

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