How to Protect and Preserve Your Property Wooden Fence

A wooden fence around your property is a plus. It adds beauty, charm and little romance. However, over time a wooden fence, changes its color and appearance, becoming dull and gray.

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Of course, any homeowner would like to protect and preserve the look of his wooden fence and the secret is to know what are the today’s options and products to do that.

In fact, there are two main ways to preserve the look of your wooden fence coating with exterior oil or clear water repellent.


Spraying with exterior oil will preserve and protect the look of your new wooden fence.

The advantage of this method is that oil will not ever peel. Moreover, exterior oil gives a nice golden shade to the new wood.

However, this option presents some disadvantages such as:

  • – You need to reapply this protection exterior oil coat every year.
  • – Even, if you reapply the coating every year, your wooden fence is not yet fully protected. This oil protection layer will slow the aging process but your wood fence will continue to darken over time.

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Another option is using a clear water repellent. This is in fact, another good solution that can preserve the beautiful look of your new wooden fence and also, to protect it over time.

Clear water repellent is a liquid that can be applied with a roller or a brush.

Wood is a porous material and therefore it has a high capacity to absorb water. A clear water repellent cover the wood pores and will minimize the amount of absorbed water.

The cons of this method is that the clear water repellent products do not protect your wooden fence from the adverse and damaging effect of the UV sun-rays. These sun-rays are responsible in fact, for turning your new and bright wooden fence into a dull and grey barn board.

NEW and MODERN PROTECTION WAYS (Thompson’s Water Seal)

Thompson’s Water Seal is a brand new and Advanced Natural Wood Protector.

It is an amazing product that can preserve the natural colour of your wooden fence and also, can protect it against weather and UV sun-rays. The beautiful golden colour of your new wooden fence will remain even after one year.

However, stripping and reapplication will make your wooden fence looks like new again.

Thompson’s Water Seal is truly a great product that can help you to protect your wooden fence against the factors of decay such as weather, aging or UV sun-rays.