How to Stop the Mold in Your Bathroom Before It Starts

Mold is growing in a dark, smalls, and moisture places. By their destination bathrooms are offering perfect conditions for mold to build up.

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The easier way to prevent the mould in your home is to stop this process from the beginning.

If you decide to renovate or build a new bathroom choose carefully the materials you are going to use.

It’s been proven that paper faces gypsum (drywall or sheetrock) or even treated boards, are usually failing when they are exposing to water.

Only caulking and painting will not keep away the water infiltration.

Choose Manufactured Waterproof Materials

The best solution is to choose manufactured waterproof gypsum boards, excepting the tub area where the cement board is the best solution.

These materials are maybe more expensive, but they are going to keep your bathroom dry at all the time.

Now you have to choose the paint. You should know, there are paints special designated to avoid mould, and when you use a quality primer be sure you seal all cuts and side of trims.

Choose the Right Substrate

The substrate you are going to use under your tile is very important to be waterproof one. The same situation is when you use adhesives, use only waterproof adhesive when you installed your tiles and after seal the grout. The grout cement is not waterproof. So is very important to inspect your grout time to time and to reapply when is necessary or you can seal it.

Choose a Bead of Silicone

It is always a good idea to place a bead of silicone under your baseboard; it will prevent the water from infiltration. Put silicone under the lip of your toilet too. A few months after you start using your bathroom check all edges, look for small cracks. If you find them, clean and seal again.

First enemy in your bathroom is the condensation. To avoid that use ventilation all the time. A bathroom fan will make the difference. It is a good idea to have your fan apart from your light; it will live longer.

Remember that keeping your bathtub, walls, floors and ceiling clean and perfectly dry is the key of prevention and your home is going to be healthy and mold free.

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