Dr. Oz – The Hidden Toxins in Your Home

Dr. Oz, the famous American surgeon, warns in several tv shows the danger that it represents the toxic substances found in your home, from a simple fry pan to the construction materials used to build your house.

Radon from your granite countertop, Teflon, vinyl, asbestos or cleaners that you use in your bathrooms and kitchen are in fact, quite serious dangers that should to be removed from your home.

House Construction &Toxic Substances

Dr. Oz Also highlights the presence of hazardous substances in construction materials. In a room, window frames can contain lead paint that is dangerous for anyone standing in that room, especially for children. Lead content contaminates the whole room.
Vinyl tiles containing asbestos are a mortal danger and must necessarily replaced with another material.

Kitchen countertops made of granite is another problem because granite emits radon. This radioactive gas is odorless, colorless, and can cause serious illness and even death. Some studies show that radon can cause lung cancer.

Dr. Oz recommended to perform tests of the foundation of the house, where radon accumulates, to see the real level of contamination. The test is done for both countertop and for the lowest areas of the house such as the basement.

More and More experts recommend the use of materials for kitchen countertops that are not radioactive and which are moisture resistant.

Toxic Substances Used in Everyday Objects

Some common objects in the home can be extremely harmful. Teflon non-stick pans that you use in the kitchen can release chemicals at certain temperatures. These substances are harmful to the kidney and may have a negative role in terms of fertility. Dr. Oz recommends using anodized aluminum pans.

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House Cleaners

Cleaners that contain chemicals can be hazardous to the human health when, by accident, two solutions are mixed. For example, ammonia from the window cleaner solutions mixed with bleach found in the most of house cleaners produce a toxic gas. In addition to this chemical agent that can put your health at risk, the simple inhalation of chlorine vapors can cause respiratory or digestive intoxications and infections.

Dr. Oz recommends to use homemade solutions to clean your kitchen, bathroom or garage. They kill bacteria and leave surfaces clean without affecting your health. Here are some natural solutions that you can use to clean.

  • a) Use lemon juice to remove stains from limestone and fat.
  • b) Calcium bicarbonate mixed with lemon juice can disinfects kitchen and bathroom surfaces.
  • c) Clean the bathroom sink with a mixture of water and table salt.
  • d) Remove dirt and grease with a solution of white vinegar, water and a few drops of eucalyptus.
  • e) Prepare your own laundry bleach with lemon juice and hot water.
  • f) Distilled vinegar can remove mold.