How to Remove Plastic (Vinyl) Jamb Liner from Pella-Double Hung Windows

Replacing your old outdated home windows with Pella-Double Hung windows is a wise choice. They will improve the overall look of your home and its energy efficiency. Characteristic of these windows is the combination of the traditional appearance with the excellent quality and modern performances.

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However, let us return to our article subject. After windows replacing, the next step is the removal of “plastic vinyl jamb liner”. This very thin thing covers spring-loaded balances that create an airtight seal between the window frame and window. It is perfectly fit and makes the removing or installation of window sashes, an easy job.

Pella-Double Hung Windows                  

Pella Architect Series windows are modern, elegant windows usually made from two sections but sometimes may have more than two sections. They are made of aluminum-clad wood and come with plastic vinyl jamb liner.

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How I mentioned above the role of the jamb liner is to ensure an airtight seal. When removing the old windows, some jamb linear may remain in place. Look for any fasteners that may hold the jamb linear in place. The removing of spring-loaded balances may present more difficulties. You need attention and patience to prevent any injuries.

Pella-Double Hung Windows Finishing

Plastic vinyl jamb linear has in fact, two roles:

1| Provides insulation
2| Creates a fit elastic trim between window frame and window

It is important that this jamb liner to keep its elasticity. Therefore, brush away any debris or installation materials from the jamb liner before they could affect it. Do not paint or stain the jamb linear.