How to Repair a Damaged Laminate Countertop

A laminate countertop is durable, easy to maintain and has a affordable price. A laminate countertop comes in a huge range of designs and colors. It is truly, a good choice for your kitchen or bathroom.

However, time, daily wear, heat and water affect the integrity and appearance of a laminate countertop. It will present evidence of cuts, burns, peeling, chipping, staining, etc.

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Some will be minor damages that can be fixed relatively easily and inexpensive. Others may be serious damages, leading to the countertop replacement.

Let’s see some tips for repairing laminate countertops.

Tools & Materials

– Putty knife; Hair Dryer or Iron; Rolling Pin; Small Knife; Wood Strips (Toothpicks); Heavy Books or Cans
– Laminate Repair Paste; Contact Cement; Masking Tape; Vinegar or Bleach; Rubbing Alcohol

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Peeling Laminate

Peeling is characteristic for an old laminate countertop. And not only. Several factors may contribute to a laminate countertop peeling, such as water, heat, etc

1. However, we generally meet small sections, where the laminate film is slightly detached from the substrate, forming small bubbling areas. These damages are minor and easy to repair.

Place a clean cloth on the bubble and use a hot iron to heat the laminate and melt the hardened adhesive.

Put some books or cans on the affected area, to press down the bump.

2. In case of larger affected area, it is advisable first, to detach more the laminate in order to have access between the laminate and the underlayer.

Then, using a small knife, scrap away the hardened adhesive from the laminate back and its underlayer.

Apply contact cement on the underlayer surface and on the back of the laminate.

Using some toothpicks or wooden stripes, keep a distance between the surface of underlayer and the laminate until the glue is almost dry.

Press laminate on the substrate surface, trying at the same time, to eliminate any air bubbles.

Place some weight on the repaired area.

For a detached edge, use the same method as that described above, in section number 1.

Chipped Laminate

Laminate repair paste is the best solution for chipped laminate. Of course, this solution is valid only for minor chips and gauges. However, to be able to find the exact color of the laminate, it is necessary the mixing of several colors.

Before applying the paste clean the area with a clean cloth soaked in alcohol.

Fill the damaged area with laminate paste and smooth it with a putty knife.

Allow time to dry for at least 24 hours.

Stained or Scratched Laminate

Stains – The best solution for their removal is to use bleach or rubbing alcohol.

Scratches – If they are minors, it is a good idea to polish your countertop with car wax or lemon oil.