How to Measure Your Bathroom Countertop

Due to its quite large surface, bathroom countertop is the focal point of your bathroom. In fact, bathroom countertop should be the binding element between all bathroom objects. Only a flawless countertop can make your bathroom look impeccable.

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An outdated and bad bathroom countertop can make your bathroom look obsolete and uninviting. You need to replace the bathroom countertop to improve its overall look.

Today, you can choose from a huge range of styles, types and materials. For example, you can choose an expensive granite or marble countertop. Or maybe you prefer an affordable material such as laminate. Although is quite inexpensive, a laminate countertop is durable and looks great. In other words, you can find easily the right countertop for your bathroom.

Do not forget! Countertop is the first thing that someone notices when entering a bathroom. Therefore, if you want to renovate your bathroom you should start replacing your shabby and outdated countertop.

The first step is to measure your old countertop. Only in this way, you can estimate how expensive will be the new one. Countertops are generally, sold by length (foot length) or by surface (square footage). However, regardless of the method of sale, you should have all your old countertop measures such as width, length and of course, the square footage of the old countertop.


Measuring tape; Pencil; Paper; Graph Paper; Ruler; Level


1| Measure Your Countertop

Using your measuring tape, measure the back of your countertop. It is important to measure the back of your countertop, especially if it is not in a straight piece.

In this way, you can find out precisely what is the total length of countertop you need to buy.

2| Upgrade Your Countertop in Accordance with the Available Space

The replacing of your old countertop can be an excellent opportunity for you to create more working space, to broaden your countertop surface, depending on the available space. Perhaps your old countertop has not covered effectively its designated area.

However, make sure you left enough room so you can move easily around your new counter. Also, consider if you intend to install new and bigger fixtures.

Measure the width of your countertop, taking into the account the backslash thickness.

3| Calculate the Surface of Your Countertop

Start measuring the width of the countertop. Then measure the total length of your countertop. Multiply these two dimensions and you will find the total surface of your new countertop in square footage.

Having the surface size (square footage) and the total length, you will be able to estimate accurately the cost of your new countertop.

4| Make a Sketch of the Countertop

Use these measures to make a sketch of your countertop on a graph paper. Of course, you need to work on a scale. Place the sink and faucets position on your sketch. Mark on your sketch the position of holes to be drilled for the water pipes.

5| Check Your Measurements

Check and recheck your measurements. Any error may cost you a lot. Practically, you will have to buy a new countertop. Make sure the technician understands your sketch before installing the countertop.

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