How to Replace Old or Damaged Metal Carport Parts

Bad weather, such as a storm may affect your metal carport.  A bent pole, a weak bolt, any small damage can compromise the entire carport structure. This is very risky and in the worst scenario, it may end in the collapse of the carport over your car.

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However, many carport parts such as roof, poles or siding need replacement due to wear and tear.

Replacing old or damaged carport parts is an easy task for any handy homeowner. Replacing the old or damaged carport fittings with brand new ones can prolong the carport life and can give you peace of mind.

Materials & Tools

– Safety Goggles; Rubber Gloves; Wrench; Pliers; Rope or Cord; Water Hose; Bucket; Rugs; Brush; screwdriver; Ladder
– Roofing Material; Carport Kit Replacement Part; Wood Stakes; WD-40; Screws; Grommets; Cleaner

1. Site Preparation

Remove your car before starting the work.

In fact, remove all the stuff inside the carport to avoid interfering with your work.


a) Do not forget to wear protective gear such as safety goggles and rubber gloves.
b) Turn off and disable the electrical connections of your carport to prevent electrocution.
c) Strengthen the carport corner posts with wooden stakes; Use rope or cord and tie them tightly

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2. Remove the Roofing

If your carport roof has small damages then you should remove the roof and repair it.

However, if your carport roof is compromised then you should replace the roof a brand new one.

Using the ladder, climb up on the carport roof, unscrew the screws and detach the roofing material.

Lay down the roofing material over a concrete surface.

3. Clean the Carport

Spray the metal parts of the carport with general purpose cleaner.

Pour cleaner into a bucket, climb up and using a damp rug, apply cleaner solutions across all metal parts.

Brush thoroughly to remove dirt and debris.

Use a water house and plenty of water to remove any dirt trace.

4. Check and Replace the Defective Part

Check first the roofing material and replace any defective part.

Check the carport structure, remove and replace any defective part.

Strengthen the screws. If they are rusted, spray them with WD-40 and tighten them. Replace any lost screw with new ones.

Make sure every roofing screw has a grommet that prevents rainwater to leak inside.

5. Add New Components

You can improve your carport adding new and helpful components such as rain gutters or some façade material, which will improve the look of your old carport.

6. Finishing Up Your Carport

Reconnect all electrical wires and turn on the power.

Remove and recycle the old metal parts.

Clean up the area.