How to Turn Your Garden Shed into a Home Gym

You are an active person and you need your own area to work out, but you do not have any spare room to that you can convert into a home gym. What can you do?

Have you taken in consideration your garden shed? Maybe it is not a bad idea to convert your unused garden shed into a home gym. It is an easy task and you can do it yourself.

Theoretically, you should use a garden shed to store gardening tools, the lawnmower, garden pots, soil, etc. Practically, you will store everything you do not need in this garden shed, from old clothes and toys to books and old electronics. In time, you will keep in this shed “everything than your garden tools”.

Therefore, converting your garden shed into a gym seems to be a smart idea.

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How to Convert Your Garden Shed

1)    Before starting, you should check with your local authorities to see if you need any approval. In this case converting could means turning an annex of the house into a room. Therefore, building code may apply.

2)    Spend some time and clean your cluttered shed. Then, vacuum and wash everything, walls, ceiling and floor.

3)    Electricity is critical for your future gym. Call an electrician for wiring. You need lighting and electrical outlets.

4)    The main problem for a garden shed is the lack of insulation. Garden sheds are well known, they are cold in winter and hot in summer, therefore is important to increase their R-value. Add high R-value insulation to the walls and ceiling.

5)    After insulation installation, you need to clad the interior walls and ceiling. You can use plywood sheets.

6)    To give an aesthetic effect, paint the interior walls and ceiling and hang posters with your favorite team.

7)    Flooring is absolute necessary and you can choose from floating floors, carpet, vinyl tiles, linoleum, etc.

8)    In a gym, you do not need too many furniture objects. A few stools, one or two couches, shelves, beanbags and that it is all.

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