Ingenious storage solutions for the kitchen – reduce waste and make recycling easier!

Kitchen is the heart of your home.

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of your home. Itโ€™s so true! This also implies that a large fraction of the litter generated at household circulates through your kitchen. Luckily, there are so many creative solutions available in the kitchen that make it easy to recycle and reduce all the waste.

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Prevent excess and waste with smart storage solutions.

Reducing food waste is surely the best eco-friendly thing you can do. Actually, waste occurs at all food stages chain, but the part caused by every household is the biggest one, around 30%. About 50 lbs. of food waste is annually generated per person.

The volume of food waste produced in the kitchen can be greatly reduced by surveying the consumption patterns, making a planned food purchase, and cooking innovatively. However, kitchen storage capacity solutions can also contribute to decreasing the quantity of waste. When stored properly, fresh vegetables retain their taste and freshness, and obviously the food waste is diminished.

These ingenious storage solutions can help save food from garbage:

1. Urban vegetable box

A vegetable box is a hygienic and stylish solution for food storage. Why?

Because the box contents can be seen immediately and are clearly accessible. In this way, no food item will be forgotten at the box bottom. Also, a vegetable box can save most of your food from spoilage.

2. High pantry with handy method

Adding to a proper storage way, it is fundamental to know what is in the cabinets to decrease the unused food. Tall cabinets are ideal for storing canned goods and dry food. They offer enough storage space, and their insides can be adapted as needed.

For example, adding a folding basket mechanism to the door, everything you need can fit in the cabinet.

3. You need space for recycling.

In the household and especially in your own kitchen, there is a broad sort of packaging waste that can be reused and recycled. For example, plastics, cardboard, glass jars, bottles, and metals can be placed into their own sections. Recycling problems can be taken into consideration in the kitchen design phase, which simplifies the sorting of the waste. No more recycling bags in the kitchen corners.

These solutions make recycling convenient:

1. Correctly sized sorting system

Recycling is easiest when all recyclable items have their own, correctly sized and smartly placed spot. Whether the kitchen is small or big, a proper arrangement system can be planned for it, because the interiors of the kitchen cabinets can be altered. They can fit exactly the desired number of sorting baskets.

2. Wooden box or cardboard boxes

The ordinary kitchen wooden box is a persistent favorite. As its name indicates, it was initially intended for firewood storing, but it is also entirely suited for recycling kitchen waste that otherwise takes up plenty of space, such as cardboard and bottles.

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