Instant Makeover – How to Decorate with Dried Flowers

Dried flowers can be part of your home décor

Dried Flowers 1

It is a fact. Dried flowers do not only belong in dusty, old-fashioned home interiors.

Today they are an important décor element. They can easily be used in an overall contemporary home interior décor.

Dried flowers as fresh flowers can easily change the look of the living space.

Maybe you are wondering how to use them in your makeover project?

Read this post and watch the new uploaded video new uploaded video from our YouTube channel “Grig Stamate”

Instant Makeover #5 – How to Decorate with Dried Flowers (video)

The video is the fifth part of the popular video series “Instant Makeover”.

We warmly recommend you to also watch the previous four parts of this series. You will learn how to use decorative pillows, old trunks, plants, and large plant pots in your home interior décor. You can find the links bellow in this article.

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Several examples from this new uploaded video

Without spoiling your interest for this amazing video, I want to show you what you can find there:

  • Traditional home interior décor; classic paintings and bouquets of dried flowers on the coffee tables.
  • Amazing corner dining area with gorgeous view and dried flowers in a glass vase on the table.
  • A similar décor with the previous one; glass vases with died plants on the dining table.
  • Beautiful large ceramic vase with dried plants.
  • Modern apartment with open space concept. Beautiful, dried flower bouquets on the coffee table.

Look how simple and easy can improve the look of any home interior, no matter the design style, with the help of dried flowers.

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Dried flowers never go out of style

It is another fact. Dried flowers never go out of style as long you use them cleverly in your home interior décor.

How to use them?

Easily. Put them in vases. After all, the best thing is that they do not need water.

A beautiful ceramic or glass vase with a bouquet of dried flowers is an excellent décor element.

Dried Flowers 3

They can be used everywhere inside of your home. In the living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, and even bathroom.

Their dusty but timeless look add something romantic and a lot of charm to the overall décor.

We also sincerely hope you like our ideas from this post, and you have also enjoyed our uploaded YouTube videos.

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