Interior Design with African Influences – The Trend of this Year

African-influenced design is the trend of 2013 in the home interior design, according to the opinion of many decorators, interior designers and magazines. So this summer, the trend is ebony masks, leopard print fabrics and tribal-specific patterns in house decoration.

So if you want to be fashionable or if you simply are attracted to the African style, here are four ways to give you the inspiration and impulse you need to include the black continent influences in your home design.

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1. African Masks

Tropical wooden masks, especially the ebony ones are specific to African culture. Therefore one of the ways by which you can include this style in your home is to create a decorative wall, loaded with such decorative objects and accessories. And indeed these masks have a decorative and exceptional aesthetic value, bringing a touch of character, exoticism, mystery and charm to your room.

However, it is recommended to hang masks of different sizes and colors which will highlight them.

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2. Animal Print Fabrics

Probably the easiest and convenient way to bring Africa into your home is given by animal print fabrics.

You can adopt a “safari design” using printed cushions in giraffe colors, namely black and white stripes. In the same context, dress your chairs with seat covers that give the impression of a striped zebra and lie down a tiger-print or leopard-print rug.

3. Alternate the Basic Colours with a Vibrant Colour

The main colors that you can use in African design are black and white, brown, cream and gold.

Although brown is the colour of the African in design, you can always bring some freshness in the jungle of your living room. Add a contemporary tone and bet on a vibrant colour that dominates your living space and at the same time, highlights your new accessories.

A perfect example would be yellow mustard that will surely enliven the room, providing a new perspective on ebony masks hanging on the wall.

4. Kuba Cloth Style

Kuba Cloth style was invented by the people of Zaire. They use this style at the various ceremonies that take place in their villages.

Kuba Cloth is in fact, a combination of raffia leaves of different shapes and colors, woven in a specific geometric pattern. You can give this style of your home, using rugs and pillowcases, woven with these unique designs.

Use these tips and your home will be in fashion with the latest trends in interior design.