“Magic” Cleaning Solutions for Your Home

Whether you want to live healthier, whether you want to save a considerable amount of money, cleaning the house is the area where you can apply these changes.

There are numerous recipes based only on natural ingredients.

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Here are eight great ingredients with which you will have a clean, scented and healthy home.

1. Baking Soda

Baking soda works in the first phase as an abrasive, helping to clean dirt without scratching the surface on which it is applied.

It is however, the least of the baking soda advantages.

A huge benefit of this product is given by its ability to absorb odors, being widely used as the most efficient fridge freshener.

Dissolved in water, baking soda removes the odor from all surfaces, working even in closed containers such as plastic containers or garbage cans.

2. Vinegar

Another truly miraculous product is vinegar. Our grandmothers have used it for cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces. In addition, vinegar helps to remove odor from refrigerator or microwave. Any stain becomes vulnerable when is treated with a few drops of vinegar.

If combined with baking soda you can get a solution that can be used even to disinfecting the toilet.

3. Olive Oil

Many people already know the benefits of olive oil in culinary arts, and health. It is good to note that a healthy product so effective is useful in the household, helping in cleaning and polishing of various surfaces.

4. Lemon and Lemon Juice

Lemon slices can be used to clean sensitive surfaces polishing porcelain, stainless steel, etc.

In addition, lemon juice help to clean any type of stain, especially on textiles (clothes, bags, upholstery, etc.).

Also, lemon juice whitens and degrease, being the best natural product for this purpose.

However it is good to know that most cleaning products, both organic and chemical contain lemon juice or citric acid.

5. Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used primarily for refreshing smell of the house, in a 100% natural way, with no risk of allergy. Also, many essential oils (lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, etc.) can be used to disinfect surfaces.

In addition, they repel insects (flies, moths, mosquitoes), helping you to spend a quiet summer outdoor, in a more natural way.

6. Salt

Due to its abrasive qualities, salt can be successfully used in cleaning the stubborn dirt from ovens, hobs and cooking pots.

In addition, the salt cleans and combats mold. Using salt you can your silver objects and jewelry.

7. Cornstarch

Cornstarch is of great help when it comes to stains. It absorbs the excess of grease, oil or any other substance difficult to remove, if applied directly to the spot soon after its occurrence. Cornstarch absorbs quickly without spreading the substance on the affected material, enabling a perfect cleaning.

8. Toothpaste

Toothpaste acts as an abrasive ultra smooth, cleaning easily the stains and marks on wood surfaces.

In addition, toothpaste helps to remove stains from light colored shoes and clothing. Silver can be cleaned also with toothpaste.

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