Get Rid of Ants Using Garlic and Cinnamon

These little creatures are really a nuisance to every household. It is well known that ants are social insects that sometimes enter into our homes in search of food. Of course, there are a wide variety of chemicals that can help you get rid of these annoying insects. However, a healthier approach to this problem is to use environmentally friendly products. In fact, even in your household you can find products, such as cinnamon or garlic that can help you to keep away these insects.

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So, a good way to prevent ants access in your house is to use cinnamon sticks and garlic cloves. In the event, the ants appear to have been completely within your house this method is a little more complicated yet it will be possible.

1| Get Rid of Ants

Like I mentioned above, getting rid of ants when your home is infested is perhaps more difficult to accomplish, nevertheless it might be done, you have to place a few in the area that is already infested this will cause the ants to flee the location.

It seems to be a simple procedure but is not quite so. Presuming they will get the same way out that they came in through it is indeed quite easy, but often the result is that they will flee from this spot to a new location in your home, meaning you will need to continue this procedure until they will flee your home completely.

However, you should always be careful that these nasty insects do not return, so keeping ants away from your home has to be your next step.

2| Keep the Ants Out

You can also use either garlic or perhaps cinnamon sticks. They both work great keeping the ants away from your home. In fact, garlic seems to work a little better. It seems that ants really hate this stuff and will avoid that area.

However, the smell of garlic is unpleasant in a house, so you can successfully use cinnamon sticks but you need a little more quantity.

It is important to check all around your home and to place one or even both of these items at your doorways and upon the windows seals in fact, everywhere where you have an opening and do not forget to change the cinnamon sticks and the garlic cloves one time every month to be sure they are functional.

This procedure can help you to keep the ants out but it is recommended to call a professional when you have a larger problem.

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