Make the kitchen sink sparkling clean with just 2 ingredients

Make the kitchen sink sparkling clean with just 2 ingredients – without lifting a finger.

Because it is used frequently, the kitchen sink needs to be cleaned frequently. Even if you regularly clean the sink, you’re certainly familiar with the less appealing stains left behind by coffee, oil, and other food particles over time, which turn the surface dark. To get rid of them, you have to work harder and longer.

Here’s a clever trick for getting a spotlessly clean washbasin without having to do any work at all.

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Sparkling clean without lifting a finger.

Fewer than three ingredients are reportedly required to provide a sparkling clean wash, and the process involves almost little effort on your part.

You need just:

an antibacterial tablet

Warm water

a soft sponge (steel wool shouldn’t be used because it can cause scratches).

This is how you do it.

In the washbasin, put a wax tablet.

Turn on the hot water and let it run until the tablet is completely submerged (you may need to add more water depending on the size and cleanliness of the sink).

If your washbasin needs it more than usual, leave everything there for at least a few hours.

Then, all that remains is to rinse and perhaps dry with a soft sponge.


The sink should then be immaculately clean and appear brand new.

Smart tip. The technique can also be applied to pots that have seen a few jarring spins while cooking. Enter and leave it overnight while using the dishwashing pill. Brilliant!

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