How you can turn the children’s bedroom into a practical and cozy space

How to furnish a children’s room

It can be tricky to furnish a kids’ room that will be used by more than one child. Read this article, witness the metamorphosis, and “borrow” the concept.

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Two children – one room

It can be difficult to furnish and decorate a children’s room that is shared. There should be twice as much storage capacity and there should also be consideration for two separate needs.

What about privacy? How can you accomplish that without building a second wall? That is a certain problem that we needed to solve when we needed to remodel our children’s room.

Although I believe actually, that having a shared room has more benefits than drawbacks.

How can we solve these challenges?

Beds with built-in storage space – smart idea; despite taking up less room, it offers more storage.

Wall mounted shelves – A considerable amount of storage is provided by the bookshelves on the wall opposite the beds, which also keeps the floor clear and gives the impression that the room is larger.

Wall mounted desks – the high, wall-mounted workstations provide more floor area for play. The appearance of the room as being larger is a result of this idea.

Curtain as room divider – you can put a curtain in the middle of the room that can be drawn to create the illusion that the children are in their own space.

Which of these clever designer ideas have shown to work best in practice?

The high workstations and wall of shelves have proven to be really valuable, and considering how much storage space they actually provide, they are also a relatively affordable storage option.

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