Make Your Kitchen Floor Rock

An Unusually but Beautiful Kitchen Floor with Interlocking Pebble Tile can Improve the Look of Your Home

Somehow it is quite tricky to choose the right floor for your kitchen. There are so many options that it can become a confusing task. And then ask yourself why not choose something new, original, simple but beautiful, something much closer to the nature, to the earth, in a word “greener”, namely pebble flooring.

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Surely you will be immediately attracted by this new type of flooring. It is so simple and earthy. In fact, pebble tile flooring is the connection between the land and your home. It’s really incredible what aesthetic effect can have this type of flooring, how much can increase kitchen look, not to mention the environmental aspect.

These tiles come in a huge variety of models, types and colors, such as:

Natural Pebble Tile:

  • Dark Ocean; Tan; Ivory White; Very Berry; Mixed; Green Pebble ;
  •  Bali Island; Maui Turtle; Roseate Pebble; Black and White;
  • Birds Egg; Black and Grey; Tan and White; etc.

Glazed Pebble Tile:

  • Very Berry; Maui Turtle; Green;
  • Mixed; Grey and White; Black and White;
  • Black; Glazed Birds Egg; Lombok; etc.

Polished Pebble Tile:

  • Polished Auburn; Polished Black; Polished Tiger;
  • Polished Wine; Polished Amber; Polished Black and White; etc.

Sliced Pebble Tile:

  • Sliced Green and White; Sliced Ivory White; Sliced Green;
  • Sliced Tan; Sliced Auburn; Sliced Very Berry;
  • Sliced Dark Ocean; Sliced Black and White; Sliced Maui Turtle; etc.

Glazed Sliced Pebble Tile:

  • Slices Tan; Sliced Very Berry; Sliced Green;
  • Sliced Grey and White; Sliced Black;
  • Sliced Dark Ocean; Sliced Quail Grey; etc.

Mini Pebble Tile:

  • Mini Polished Mixed; Mini Polished Amber; Mini Black;
  • Mini Polished White; Mini Polished Auburn;
  • Mini Tan; Mini Mixed; etc.

Moon Mosaic Tile:

  • Grey Marble Moon; Bali Black Moon; Merak Moon Mosaic;
  • Sunset moon; Sedona Red Moon; Porcelain White Moon;
  • Coral Green Moon; Quartz Moon; Aberdeen Grey Moon; etc.

Flat Mosaic Tile:

  • Sedona Red Mosaic; Merak Mosaic; Quartz Mosaic; Grey and White  Mosaic;
  • Pastel Green Mosaic; Desert Sandstone Mosaic; Aberdeen Grey Mosaic;
  • Snow White Mosaic; Red and White Mosaic; Bali Black Mosaic; etc.

Glazed Mosaic Tile:

  • Sedona Red; Aberdeen Grey; Quartz;
  • Merak; Bali Black; Yellow; Terracotta:
  • Red and White; Pastel Green; etc.

Pebble Tile Borders:

  • Dark Ocean; Black; Tan;
  • Tan and White; Ivory White; Polished Tiger;
  • Polished Auburn; Polished natural Mix; etc.

These beautiful tiles are produced and sold by a Californian company, namely “StrataStones” from Hanford, California. The tile price is ranging between $9.99 and 12.99 per sq ft.

In fact, “StrataStones” offers certainly the largest Pebble Tile selection in the world. The natural pebbles come glued together to a wire mesh (12 x 12). Each square includes around 60 handpicked pebbles.

It is simple and easy to install them even if you have no experience. In fact, it is much easier to install than ordinary tile, because you have nothing else to do but to remove a pebble or two, if you want to fit any irregular space. Each tile has interlocking edges that fit almost perfectly with the next tile edges, creating a seamless look when installed. Just like traditionally tile installation process, the laid pebble tiles are now ready for grout and of course, sealing. The result is a wonderful natural kitchen floor that will increase the overall look of your kitchen.

More than that, a pebble tile flooring is hard and very resistant. Unlike many ceramic tiles that are prone to chipping, if you drop something on the floor, a pebble floor is hard and solid, like (well) a rock. Therefore choosing these types of tiles for your home application is a wise decision.

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