Mediterranean Style Home Design Ideas

Luxury Mediterranean style interiors. Rich, warm and earthy textures are the basic of any Mediterranean-style home. Colorful patterned tile, wrought iron, bright textiles and rustic wood beams are found in Mediterranean interior design, while terra-cotta tiles, stately columns, stucco and stone exteriors and arched windows are well-known exterior Mediterranean features.

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Fabulous Mediterranean Style Homes | Design and Decorating Ideas (video)

Looking at pictures of the sunny Mediterranean houses in airy, bright, earthy colors can inspire you to design your own Mediterranean-style home interior. This interior design style has an inviting and exotic feel with a high degree of curb appeal. If you design and build a new home from top to bottom, aim for an overall Mediterranean experience from the interior design to the gardens and landscape.

Exterior Design

Many outdoor Mediterranean homes are characterized by distinct architectural elements, such as columns, arches, and sloping, shallow roofs. They will bring an authentic feeling to your home. Outside finishes are with piece and paint in a soil nuance like beige, eggshell or tan. However, for a bold look, try pale orange or red. Be sure to include the terra-cotta roof tiles. Add a brick path that leads to the door that matches with the color of roof tile. Housing in this style can include complicated tile work patterns over the front door. Consider personalizing tile designed by including your family’s coat of arms in the middle. Accent your windows with black wrought iron blossoms.

Interior Design

The interior of the Mediterranean homes tends to be bright, open and airy. Design your home with high ceilings and large windows for plenty of natural light. Incorporate vaulted doorways and hall posts throughout the interior. Use dark wood doors for a comfortable, natural feel. Paint the walls bright colors like white, yellow or light blue. If you are not afraid of using bright colors, paint one room azure to represent the colorful Mediterranean and a room green to represent the landscape. Set of colorful ceramic tiles to cover the floors.

Outdoor Living

You need to know that Mediterranean climate is generally mild, and homes often emphasize indoor and outdoor living. Add a stone terrace with four Greek columns in your backyard. Use the columns to support a tree pergola. Decorate the courtyard with gorgeous wrought iron furniture. Surround your house with a low brick wall topped with terra cotta tiles, matching the design of your house. Patio gardens are often found in houses of this style.

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