Smart tips for small entrance hallway decorating

Clever furnishing and decorating idea for a small entrance hallway

For many of us, it is quite difficult to furnish and decorate the entrance hallway, as the entryway can have its challenges in terms of functionality and size.

But the truth is that the possibilities and solutions for a well-decorated and stylish entrance are numerous.

Small Entrance Hallway

Like usually, we will therefore give our best ideas and tips for entrance furnishing and decoration in just a few square feet.

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The home entrance is your business card

The entrance is the first living space that both your guests encounter when you enter your home. It should therefore be well designed, to give a fantastic first impression.

Entrance furnishing and decorating can be difficult, especially when the size is just a few square feet and is used to store a multitude of your stuff. And for this reason, functionality often wins over aesthetic details.

However, it is not impossible. With passion and patience your home entryway can easily be transformed into an inviting and warm space. We can help you to visually enlarge the room and create the illusion of more square feet with a few easy tricks.

  • A small entryway works best when all your stuff has fixed, stable places or are hidden away. Otherwise, it clutters up the space and the room will look even smaller.
  • So, it is important that all things have a fixed place in your entrance hallway. There must be a fixed place for everything where to hang shoes, jackets, and bags, a place to put letters and keys.
  • Shelves are practical items for a small entrance hall, as they don’t take up any floor space. Surely you can find shelves that suit your entrance hall decor.
  • We also recommend using the vertical space on the walls for hooks. We recommend installing plenty of coat racks so to be easy to hang hats and jackets in place when you come in through the door.

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