Our 3 best tips when decorating a small apartment (part2)

Trying to make your brand-new apartment feel like home is quite difficult, especially when you are dealing with a not too generous space. It can also be more difficult when the apartment has an odd-shaped layout.

Small Apartment Design

Here, in this pot, which is the second part of the article series: “Our 3 best tips when decorating a small apartment” you will find the next three tips that can help you to turn even the smallest living space into a home.

1. Room dividers

There are many ways to divide rooms and larger open spaces. But there are other ways to visually divide a space without using physical room dividers and walls. You should know that designing and decorating small home interiors is mostly about visually deceiving the eye. In other words, playing with colors, light sources, heights, rugs, textures, patterns, and multi-functional furniture pieces it can help you define and delimitate different zones of a living space.

Most of the new contemporary small apartments do not have separate living rooms and dining rooms, some of them (studio apartments, do not even have separate bedrooms, but you don’t have to despair. You can still easily create different living space areas by using your furniture to divide the open space.

The back of the living room sofa, beautiful bookshelves, different kind of tables, and other kinds of furniture can easily be placed to create a separation.

Of course, there are also serious measures that can be taken to increase not only visually the space. I’m speaking here, about replacing a fixed separation wall with a thinner glass wall or enlarging the windows. Replacing solid doors with sliding glass panels will open up the view also connecting the adjacent rooms.

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But let’s back to our theme for today article and see two other tips that can boost your small apartment space:

2. Multifunctional furniture

Furniture that can serve multiple purposes or multi-functional furniture is a great and smart idea for small apartments. The choice of just multi-functional furniture for your apartment interior is very important when it comes to furnish and decorate the space. Why? Because multi-functional furniture has the ability to adapt to many daily life situations depending on your family activity.

So, stick for multi-functional furniture no matter what. Let me give you several examples. Coffee table with storage for your living room. Ottoman with a lid that can be both a seat when you have guests but can also be used as a footstool or another coffee table. Sofa bed, bookcase with a built-in desk, or a universal table that can function as both a dining table or a desk.

In other words, in a small apartment, everything must be practical and have a function.

Choose only furniture that provides maximum functionality and take just a minimal amount of space.

If you intend to live long time in the apartment, take in consideration custom made furniture that suit your needs exactly. In this way, you will make the most of your living space.

3. Mirrors

This is the oldest and the well-known design trick. Mirrors will always make your space feel larger, airier, and lighter.

So, use one or two large mirrors to give the illusion of more space. Your living room will seem larger and brighter because it reflects the natural light. One of the best places to place a mirror is facing a window. It will reflect as much light as possible. In plus to all the advantages mentioned above, all mirrors are an amazing design element that can help create your preferred decorating style you are looking for.

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