Beautiful Medium Size Apartments, Creative Modern Design Ideas

Gorgeous new medium size condominiums; great and creative design ideas. Great tips and ways to make the most of your apartment or condominium.

Photo by D’Cruz Design GroupLook for living room design inspiration

In these short videos you can find many inspiring solutions to decorate and furnish a medium size apartment.

Medium Sized with Great Design – GET INSPIRED! | Modern Apartment Designs #18 (video)

Smart Furniture Placement Ideas

Genial furniture placement ideas for modern urban living spaces that can turn your home into a functional and elegant one.

Fascinating and trendy new decorating ideas. You can also find many ideas to style a coffee table and how to decorate with modern paintings and decorative pillows.

Let’s see several ideas from these videos:

  • Brand-new medium size apartments with modern interior in gray nuances, stylishly furnished and decorated.
  • Intensively use of neutral colors such as beige and gray.
  • Beautiful new condos in white, gray and black color combinations with hardwood flooring throughout.

Ones of the best design and decorating solutions for brand-new apartments and condos.

These amazing ideas can turn any ordinary apartment decor, regardless of its size or style, into an elegant living space.

Many color palette ideas; spacious apartments in light colors and you can also find new condominiums in darker color palettes.

Trendy design ideas as mix of styles such as rustic, traditional with industrial touch.

Several ideas for an elegant furnished and decorated interior:

Modern apartment in gray tones with gorgeous hardwood flooring throughout;

Modern interior with gray sofas and color matching curtains;

Scandinavian style apartment with white walls and light color hardwood flooring;

Warm interior in light colors and lightweight furniture;

Beautiful modern condominiums in white and dark color combinations and many more.

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