Packaging Guide when Moving

Let’s face it! Moving from your home is for any of us a stressor. When you need to move, the first concern is to get from a house to another with all your stuff in good condition.

Maybe this article could help you if you’re confused and you worry about how to do this without having more stress than you should.

Let’s see together some tips and tricks that will surely ease the organization and packing of your stuff:

1| The Right Size Boxes: Before you start packing, maybe it would be better to know a few tricks. Place the heavy items in small boxes and the light ones, like pillows and duvets, in larger boxes. Keep in your mind that the cardboard boxes will break easier if your stuff is big and heavy.

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2| Place the Heavier Stuff on the Bottom: This is a basic rule that you should always apply it. Place the heavier objects on the bottom and the lighter stuff above them. This also applies to your truck. When you load the car, first place the heavy boxes in the trunk, then come with the lighter ones.

3| Do Not Leave Empty Spaces in Boxes: Do not leave empty spaces in boxes. It is neither practical nor safe. Fill the empty spaces with towels, clothes or papers. It is very important to create a balance.

4| Do Not Mix the Items: Try to avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box. It will be much harder to find them when you will unpack.

5| Labels: Stick labels on each box so you do not have to rummage through all if you need something before you completely unpack.

6| Tape: Apply plenty of adhesive tape on cardboard boxes, especially on the top and bottom.

7| Paintings: If you need to transport paintings and especially oil paintings, do not wrap them in plain paper because it will stick. For the frames with glass, tape a X on them after you have wrapped them in paper and then place a piece of cardboard between them.

8| Dishes: When you pack dishes, wrap each individual plate, then wrap a group of 5-6 plates with another layer of paper. Place the plates on the edge in the boxes, not one above the other. Cups and bowls can be individually wrapped and then placed one into another.

9| The TV set: It must be transported very carefully. In particular, plasma TVs requires more care, because it shouldn’t be placed horizontally. If you do not have the original box, wrap it in two boxes one into another and put it up, in the car.

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