The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Relocation Company

A “Relocation Company” can manage the whole relocation process for you. Usually these relocation companies are real estate professional that based on your requests try to find certain rental residences in accordance with your specifications. But that isn’t all. They will plan carefully your relocation making the moving process less stressful for you.

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However, before hiring one you have to take in considerations which are the pros and cons.

Pros of Hiring a Relocation Company

There are many benefits of hiring a relocation company that can ease the moving process, store your belongings and find for you a new home.

1| They can find a buyer for your home
2| Professional movers will pack, unpack and store your stuff
3| Clean, reliable, professional trucks and vans that will transport your belongings
4| Secure storage for your things, until everything is prepared to move to your new address
5| Carefully moving your pets
6| Having your specifications and requests, they will save your time finding a rental apartment or house for you; that is great when you are moving long distance – these companies have agents in the new location and they will be happy to find a new place for you.
7| An agent will make all the arrangements for you to see the apartment before renting
8| An agent has access to apartment listings, can find which are the moving-in specials and can also, give you assistance with furniture and appliances renting.

Of course, these benefits will save your time and will make the whole moving process easier for you.

You aren’t bothered with so many details, because someone else will take care of everything.

It’s nice to know only what you have to do is to move in a new apartment or house where everything is prepared for your arrival. In fact, you need time to get used to the new location and new job.

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Cons of Hiring a Relocation Company

Let’s see the cons of hiring a relocation company, because besides so many advantages there some disadvantages you should take in consideration.

Generally, a relocation company hires subcontractors for moving process. You can save money if you will hire personally these subcontractors

It is wise to have everything in write, between you and these companies otherwise you may have the surprise to pay more than estimations

Usually these companies ask for a bigger commission than a regular estate agent when they are selling your home

It is possible a bad coordination and you may not get your belongings on time before your arrival

Not all the agents are handling well everything and will offer you little help in problem solving.


Before making a decision you should weight everything carefully. You should find if it is worth to hire a relocation company. A relocation company can manage all the moving problems for you, but if you will save money by moving yourself.