Are You the Right Person to Adopt a Pet?

The presence of a pet in the middle of your family means undoubtedly, unconditional love, loyalty and joy. However,  in case you have just got a puppy or kitten as a present or maybe you are thinking to adopt a pet, do not act impulsively and try to document the needs and care required by future member of your family.

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Adopting an animal entails many responsibilities so that once this decision has been taken it must be based on wisdom and good information. Before anything, consider your lifestyle and see if it will allow you to become a pet owner.

Have You Enough Free Time?

No matter how tired or busy you are, you have to pay daily a piece of your time to take care of your pet: exercise, diet, visits to the vet etc.

There is enough space for your pet in your home?

If you want a cat, things are simpler, because from this point of view, cats are not very demanding. But for a dog, especially for one full of energy, a small apartment can be a real problem.

Male or female?

Often people are reluctant to females because invariably think of when they will be in heat. However, we must not forget that this happens twice a year and, except for those periods, there will be problems. But males are always fit for mating.

Can You Financially Afford the Care of a Pet?

The pet maintenance requires a permanent financial investment on your part as owner. The expenses that you should expect are usually, the following: basic nutrition, objects, accessories and veterinary care.

Dog vaccination begins at 6 weeks of age, after internal parasite removal and continues every two weeks with a minimum of two polyvalent vaccinations. The price of these treatments depends on the type of vaccine.  For cats, the first vaccine is administered initially at 9 weeks and at 12 weeks, continues with polyvalent vaccine.

Once the initial vaccination schedule is complete, your pet will be vaccinated every year throughout its life. Routine checks at intervals of 3-4 months are welcome and for prophylactic or diagnostic purposes can be performed complete blood tests that can draw your attention to the existence of any imbalances. The costs of these tests with a basic biochemical profile and complete blood counts are quite expensive.

You also need to consider care and fur trimming. Trimming for a dog varies depending on its weight.

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